School History

A Short History of Northampton High School

(Based on the Daily Hampshire Gazette insert from March 28, 1967 titled "Northampton High School Centennial Edition: Observing 100 Years 1867 – 1967 of Progress in Education" and The Northampton Book 1654 – 1954, from the Tercentenary Committee.)

For many years Northampton High School was located in what we now call the D.A. Sullivan building. On February 22, 1914 there was a fire and the building was essentially destroyed from the fire or from water damage. The outside walls survived.

In 1938, at a “stormy meeting” the city voted to accept a federal grant and build the current high school, which was opened in the fall of 1940. The building cost $780,000. In 1998 the high school was renovated.